Seattle Lacrosse Club (SLC) competes in the Pacific Northwest Lacrosse Association (PNLA) each spring. The PNLA is a post-collegiate club league of former NCAA, MCLA, and NCLL players with teams in Seattle and Portland. Seattle competes in the 'A' division, but there is also a 'B' Division called the Cascade Men's Lacrosse League. The PNLA is competitive on the field and social as soon as the final whistle blows.

SLC is the oldest running post-college lacrosse club team in the State of Washington. The first iteration of SLC formed in the year 1900 (our history). The Old Squad played against local clubs from British Columbia and throughout the Puget Sound area. The Old Squad disbanded in the early 1900s and wouldn't reemerge until 1973. In March of that year, former University of Washington players who wanted to continue playing ball in the Seattle area unknowingly reformed the old Seattle Lacrosse Club. SLC as we know it today was founded by Mike Held, John Steiger, and Dave Reichgott.

SLC had seen its fair share of ups and downs over the decades, but the state of the team had deteriorated to an all-time low by the 2012 season. On the verge of folding, Dejon Hush, selflessly left his very successful Kavu team to join the SLC squad and rebuild it to it's old form.

Since 2012, SLC has been adding to the roster with young talent from Seattle and across the country. SLC is now a perennial contender for the PNLA Championship Trophy.

Seattle teams in the PNLA for 2017 include:

  • SLC
  • Kavu
  • Outdoor Research (OR)

Portland teams in the PNLA for 2017 include:

  • 503
  • Riot
  • Generals